GoGo Getaway October 2021

GoGo Getaway June 2021
with Special Guest Designer Anna Komenda 

GoGo Getaway Cyber Style During 2020 & 2021

As the world faced a global pandemic throughout 2020 GoGo Getaway ensured the opportunity to create,  experience fabulous classes and chat with like minded people continued. Below is a small selection of the stunning designs our delegates had an opportunity to create whilst safe at home... incredibubble!

GoGo Getaway October 2019

GoGo Getaway June 2019
with Special Guest Designer Lisa Fonseca

GoGo Getaway March 2019 

GoGo Getaway October 2018

GoGo Getaway June 2018
with Special Guest Designer Shimelle

GoGo Getaway March 2018

GoGo Getaway, Haydock, November 2017
with Special Guest Designer Flora Farkas

GoGo Getaway...inspired creativity.