Loyalty Arrows

GoGo Loyalty Scheme

As a thank you for entrusting your retreat and event experiences to GoGo Getaway, we can now offer a very special scheme: GoGo Loyalty Arrows, where arrows = lovely things.

When you attend a GoGo event you will be given a GoGo Loyalty card. These are issued for events across the GoGo brand including GoGo Cropaway. For each event we will reward you with lovely GoGo Loyalty Arrows. 

So what can GoGo Loyalty Arrows be swapped for? These may be swapping arrows for money off spare kits at our events or access to special offers and even money off your final balance of a GoGo Getaway booking! 

Each type of event attracts a different amount of arrows. 

GoGo Cropaway = 1 arrow

GoGo Dayaway = 3 arrows
GoGo Getaway = 5 arrows

Terms and Conditions

GoGo Loyalty Scheme - GoGo Loyalty Arrows will be given in person at our events. These are non-transferable and have no cash alternative or value. GoGo Loyalty Arrows can be redemmed by the named holder for advertised GoGo Loyalty Arrow promotions. Missing or damaged GoGo Loyalty Arrow cards will be looked at on a case by case basis. 

GoGo Getaway...inspired creativity.